UtopiaCon 2016 Here I Come!


Last year was my first year attending the UtopiaCon in Nashville. It was an incredible experience that revitalized my writing, which had gone through a slump. Coming home, I not only finished my second draft of my novel, I wrote the second and most of the third book in the series. However, I’m in a revision slump again and now am beyond excited to see what this year’s conference will do for me!

I’d never been to a writer’s conference before and was unsure of what to expect. I went alone and my first morning during breakfast, author Misty Provencher grabbed me and pulled over to her table where I met author Carol Kunz (Amanda Jason) and her son Adam Kunz (T.A. Kunz) Never have I felt so welcomed and embraced. So openly included. It was a heart warming experience. And that was how it was all week. Inclusion. Compassion. Kindness. And Excitement.


Mostly, UtopiaCon is a writer’s conference for Indie writers, but there is a mix of both traditional and self published authors. I learned so much-both about writing and about the industry. I made friends, one of which professionally edited my first book this year. I can’t wait to broaden my network and deepen my friendships at this year’s con. Keep the look out for a follow up post with pictures this time next week!!