Kismet by AE Woodward



Woodward does a fantastic job of painting a picture of what it can feel like to suffer with emotional trauma. When the heroine, who has suffered from trauma in the past has the unspeakable happen to her–something no mother would want to live through, she has a breakdown. Essentially suffering from PTSD, she shuts down to the point where she can no longer take care of herself and has to live with her parents and brother.  In the process of recovery, she rediscovers herself and a lost love that she never thought she could ever deserve.
This book has some intensely dark, emotionally charged moments.  Katie’s journey from the abyss of grief back to the land of the living is shown in a believable progression. Anyone with children can understand the depths of her grief–and yet there is more to Katie’s story.

Parker, her brother’s best friend, and the man she’s always loved is the perfectly flawed book boyfriend. He is real with insecurities and regrets of his own.  I loved the way he was written.

The end surprised me, though it was still  satisfying
Overall, Kismet was well written and emotionally riveting.

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