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Imagine a world where tyranny ruled– where free will was a foreign concept–a Once Upon a time…

   “Free will had been thrown from society’s highest cliffs decades ago and Force often felt he was chasing nothing more than a filmy ghost of it.”

A world where lower classes, the homeless, and even criminals are droned–made into living robots without a consciousness or perhaps even a soul…

These servants had been people once, before they’d been droned. It couldn’t be so easy to just strip out a soul. It couldn’t.”

Where a ruler could become so power hungry and paranoid that even the middle classes fall to his voracious hunger for more–even those in his inner circle.

Imagine an Earth, perhaps in the far future–perhaps not, where technology and corruption converge, wreaking havoc on civilization.

Something strange is going on behind the scenes, something that teeters between science and the supernatural, when the President’s mechanic opens a portal to another dimension and allows another version of himself into this world.

Meanwhile, Force Steele–in the midst of human oppression and a brutal autocracy– is the voice of quiet rebellion. When the woman he’d hope to make his expected disappears during a period of mass dronings and murders, he risks everything to find her and keep her safe. Only to find that in the end, his father, in the name of the President, has been spearheading the widespread terror.

Misty Provencher’s The Dimension Thieves, Episode One begins in a society that is reminiscent of The Capitol from the Hunger Games. Where the trend in literature seems to lean toward a female point of view, Provencher’s Force Steele is a refreshing male protagonist. He is easy to like and his upper class and highly politicized upbringing doesn’t taint his compassion or his sense of right or wrong. Like a political thriller, the tension is palpable from the start and doesn’t ease up even at the end of the episode.

The Dimension Thieves is a serial novel. (What’s serial fiction?) If you are a fiction binge reader, serials may be sweet torture for you. HOWEVER, the good news is that Misty has six more episodes in this series!  So binge to your heart’s delight!  You won’t be sorry!

Buy The Dimension Thieves, Episode 1

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